Kirsten & Brian

January 2, 2010

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Jakki Gaudio, Maid of Honor

Kelly Flounders, College friend and roommate of bride

Katie Diamond, College friend of the bride

Stephanie Bulko, College friend of the bride

Melissa Eide, Sister of the groom

Sarah, Sister of the groom

Beth, Sister-in-law of the groom

Stephanie, Sister-in-law of the bride

Andrea Kohl, High school friend of the bride





Michael, Best Man & Brother of the Groom

Sean, Best Man & Brother of the Bride

Jeff , Friend of Groom

Mike Phipps, Friend of Groom

Daniel Eide, Brother In-Law of the Groom

Ryan Lodge, Brother In-Law

Mike, Friend of the Groom

Keith Parker, Friend of the Groom

Daniel Eide III, Nephew of the Groom




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